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Digital social message boards

We're all about Engagement and Community. Our mission is to help better connect the residents of your care home with you, your staff and the friends and family they have on the outside


Why have a social messaging board in your care home?

We help you provide your residents the connection between your care home and the family and friends they have outside, via our CareShare social media screens. Our social media screens give your residents the connection they need to their nearest and dearest via the most popular social channels, invoking connectivity and sociability, both in and outside of your care residence.

Not only your resident’s family and friends, but your staff, activity providers, suppliers – anyone with a connection to your Care Home can post on your shared social media wall for the benefit of everyone.

How we benefit your Care Home

Here's our live CareShare screen

The social media generation want to share

Family and friends can post directly to your residents.

Is this easy to get set up and running?

Absolutely! Our solution is designed to make it super easy and quick to set up a CareShare wall in your Care Home or place of business. We can set you up on the backend in less than a day and when your screen is connected (we'll help here too!), you'll be good to go.

Is this expensive to set up?

Not at all. Digital signage and social media walls have been typically used for corporate companies at their offices or at events – and the prices they pay for a social media wall can be ‘000s per day! This can include expensive hardware and technology on the back-end, which is obviously unsuitable for most Care Homes. Our solution on the other hand is affordable and perfect for use in the Care Home.

What are the benefits?

A shared social media wall is designed to help keep your residents engaged with friends and family on the outside. Particularly the younger generation that are very active on social media, this is a great solution to help connect your residents with them in the right way.

We already use social media

Awesome! That’s great that your residents are already active on social media. A CareShare Wall only serves to heighten your residents connection with social media, and those already active participants can share what they want on your shared wall too.

Can we respond to the posts?

We don't offer a feature for your residents to respond to posts at the moment, but of course this can be done directly via the social media channels. For any residents that wish to respond to posts they receive, you can certainly do this on their behalf - or send us the message directly and we'll do it on your behalf.

Can I have more than one screen?

If you're a Care Home provider with multiple Care Homes facilities, we can absolutely offer more attractive pricing with multiple screens. This will include dedicated social media pages for each facility you require.

Pricing (per screen)
Initial 12 month contract*
£99 (+VAT) per calendar month

Screen provided: a Samsung XXFT is included in the cost

Full set up Facebook and Instagram accounts (if you're already live on Facebook etc etc

Full support and post oversight to ensure quality and suitability

Unlimited account business cards to be shared amongst your visitors, staff, guests, suppliers and more

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